Delayed Ejaculation

Therapy for Delayed Ejaculation

How Therapy Helps Understand This Condition & Address Challenges

There are numerous sexual dysfunctions that impact male physiology, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation. While many men feel ashamed of or embarrassed by these conditions, most are treatable. If you’re struggle with delayed ejaculation, there may be medications or other physician recommended treatments that will address the concern, but in many cases, therapy is the best solution for delayed ejaculation. If you would like to learn more, you can read on below. You may also want to consider scheduling a session with me. I’m Dr. Michael Stokes, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, serving clients at Rhode Island Sex Therapy.

What Is Delayed Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are significantly more common and better known than delayed ejaculation, but this less common sexual dysfunction can take a toll on relationships. The inability to ejaculate may decrease sexual enjoyment for men who experience it, and it can leave sexual partners feeling inadequate or unfulfilled. Delayed ejaculation occurs when it takes a significant amount of time for a man to ejaculate, or they are unable to ejaculate at all.

What Causes Delayed Ejaculation?

The underlying causes of delayed ejaculation are varied. This condition may occur from the first sexual encounter or be acquired after typical sexual experiences. Birth defects, pelvic injuries, urinary tract infections, and neurological disorders are all physical sources of delayed ejaculation. Additionally, certain medications or alcohol abuse can also contribute to delayed ejaculation. In many cases, the sources of delayed ejaculation are emotional. Relationship struggles or frustration with partners can often make it difficult to experience satisfying sexual relations. Self-consciousness, depression, anxiety, and other disordered emotions also delay sexual release. Religious or cultural taboos can rear up when they’re least expected delaying sexual gratification.

Will Therapy Help?

For some, delayed ejaculation may be improved with medications, but for the most part, therapy is the best solution. During sex therapy sessions, I can help you to develop coping skills and strategies to decrease time to ejaculation. If depression, stress, anxiety, or other psychological concerns are impacting your ability to achieve typical ejaculation, therapy sessions can help you develop the coping skills necessary to reduce the side effects of these conditions, including delayed ejaculation. Individual therapy and/or relationship counseling sessions with sexual partners are often beneficial. During each session, we will talk about sexual experiences that occur between visits, any strategies you tried to decrease the time to ejaculation, and how it worked. We can discuss new techniques or ways to improve successful strategies, so you can continue to progress and find more enjoyment in your sexual experiences.

How Do I Get Started?

I make getting started as simple as possible because I know just taking the step to schedule a therapy session is stressful. You can get in touch with me however you feel most comfortable. You can call (401) 236-5021, email, or use our contact form. Whatever method works for you, I look forward to speaking with you soon.