Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety

Therapy for Sexual Performance Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety for Greater Enjoyment & Closer Connections

Anxiety can rear its ugly head at the worst times. For many, sex and intimacy can trigger overwhelming feelings of worry and fear. This can lead to numerous physical and emotional symptoms, negatively impact romantic relationships, and prevent people from enjoying and engaging in satisfying sex. If this sounds familiar, you may be dealing with sexual performance anxiety. This is a common struggle for men and women who experience disordered levels of anxiety in other aspects of their lives as well as those who have other mood disorders like depression, and just like mood disorders in other aspects of life, sexual performance anxiety can be diminished with effective treatment. One of the best options to decrease the effects of performance anxiety is working with a licensed sex therapist like me. I’m Dr. Michael Stokes. I’m an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Rhode Island Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I work regularly with individuals who are facing a wide range of sexual challenges or issues preventing full enjoyment of sexual partnerships. Keep reading to learn more about how therapy can help with sexual performance anxiety or reach out to me at Rhode Island Sex Therapy.

What Is Performance Anxiety?

Many people think erectile dysfunction and sexual performance anxiety are one in the same, and while they are often coexisting conditions, they are not necessarily the same thing. For one, both men and women can experience sexual performance anxiety with different symptoms. In men, performance anxiety does often result in erectile dysfunction as well premature or delayed ejaculation, but the underlying cause is usually a worry or anxiety about the ability to satisfy their partner. In women, these fears may result in difficulty taking pleasure in sexual acts as well as vaginal dryness or pain during sexual penetration.

What Causes Sexual Performance Anxiety?

Performance anxiety is often linked to poor sexual experiences early in life. It may also be caused by low self-worth or body image issues. Struggles within the relationship can also increase pressure the individual places on themselves to perform. Additionally, general stress and anxiety can lead to or increase feelings of performance anxiety.

Will Therapy Make a Difference?

If you are struggling with sexual performance anxiety, individual therapy sessions or relationships counseling with sexual partners can help to alleviate the effects of this condition. Like other forms of general anxiety and performance anxiety, sexual performance anxiety is often improved with therapy approaches that help individuals recognize unwanted and intrusive thoughts and emotions, address them, and take steps to change these thoughts and feelings and the way they impact behaviors.

How Do I Get Started?

Dealing with sexual performance anxiety is enough to worry about, so scheduling your therapy session shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why I’ve done everything I can to make it quick and easy to schedule a session with me at Rhode Island Sex Therapy. Whenever you’re ready, you can call (401) 236-5021, email, or use our contact form. However you feel comfortable reaching out, I look forward to speaking with you soon.