Therapy for Pornography Addiction

Therapy for Pornography Addiction

Understanding How Porn Use Impacts Your Relationships & Daily Life

Talking about sex and therapy are equally likely to have people heading for the door, so when we introduce pornography use to the equation, it’s no surprise people feel a little (or a lot) uncomfortable. While it may feel embarrassing to talk about, there’s nothing wrong with exploring sexuality through viewing pornography – until there is. Pornography addiction is a real concern for adolescents and adults in the U.S., and there’s a fine line between healthy sexuality and a complex pornography use disorder. If you’re concerned that porn use is adversely impacting your daily life or causing problems in your relationships, let’s talk about it. Therapy for pornography addiction offers numerous benefits, including more satisfying relationships and a generally more fulfilling life. Learn more about porn addiction on this page, and don’t hesitate to give me a call to schedule a consultation session.

When Does Porn Use Become Porn Misuse? 

Watching pornography (even if you’re a frequent viewer) doesn’t automatically mean you’re an addict. Like other forms of dependence, porn addiction occurs when the need or urge to consume pornography is negatively impacting your ability to lead a healthy life, maintain relationships, or otherwise function within your family, career field, and community. Unlike other forms of addiction like gambling, substance abuse, and alcoholism, pornography addiction can be especially difficult to overcome because people are able to consume porn easily, often at no cost, and without others knowing. 

Why Should I Consider Therapy for Porn Addiction? 

Pornography misuse is all about trying to achieve a specific physiological response. Like chemical dependencies, the porn addict is seeking a pleasure response or an ability to numb or distract themselves from painful experiences or difficult situations. Sex therapy for pornography addiction can help you reclaim a more purposeful and satisfying life (in and out of the bedroom). Without intervention, porn addiction can cause some significant and negative effects, including: 

  • Difficulty achieving sexual gratification without pornography
  • Struggling to focus or concentrate on other tasks, which can negatively impact relationships, careers, and other areas of life
  • Inability to connect meaningfully or form healthy intimacy bonds with romantic partners 
  • Setting unrealistic expectations for sexual encounters
  • Perpetuating unsafe or unhealthy beliefs about sex, including normalizing rape culture or the sexualization of children
  • Increasing chances for infidelity, breakups, and divorce if romantic partners are unwilling or unable to engage in behaviors acted out in porn 
  • Greater incidents of depression and anxiety seem to be present in people who view porn daily versus those who view pornography less frequently
  • Lying or making excuses for your behavior
  • Higher risks of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy may occur due to engaging in unsafe sexual behaviors shown in pornography
  • In adolescents, sexual development may be stunted or distorted by excessive pornography use 

What Happens During Therapy for Pornography Addiction? 

When I work with clients for any type of therapy, we always want to start from a non-judgmental and solution-oriented place. That means I’m not here to make you feel guilty or ashamed about your behavior. Instead, we work together to understand how pornography addiction is impacting your life, so you can develop the skills to cope with these effects and make positive changes. In addition to individual therapy, you may also want to consider relationship therapy if your pornography use has strained your romantic partnerships. 

Let’s Work Together to Move Forward

If you’re interested in learning more about how therapy can help you manage pornography addiction and the related adverse effects, contact me today. I’d love to talk to you about your concerns and goals.