Therapy for Sex Addiction

Therapy for Sex Addiction

When Something Great Becomes Something’s Wrong

Sex can be a meaningful and satisfying part of life, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a healthy sex drive. Unfortunately, sexual desire can become overwhelming, leading to detrimental, addictive behaviors. If you’re struggling with a compulsive drive to engage in sexual acts, you feel out of control, or your behavior is negatively impacting your relationships, it might be time to give me a call to discuss therapy for sex addiction. Working with a therapist can help you to overcome destructive cycles of behavior and regain control. 

When Does a Healthy Sex Drive Become an Addiction? 

The line between a healthy sex drive and addictive behavior is different for everyone. People have different levels of interest and taking different amounts of pleasure from specific sex acts, and this is completely healthy. Sexual addiction is more than just high sex drive. Instead, for a sex addict, performing sex acts is compulsive. That means it doesn’t feel like something you can live without or control. Additionally, sexual addiction may be classified as the need or desire to perform sexual acts even if there are risks associated or the behavior negatively impacts daily life. 

Why Should I Seek Therapy for Sex Addiction? 

As a relationship and sex therapist, I spend a lot of time talking with people about complicated and uncomfortable topics. I know it can be difficult to open up about sexual addiction, but when you’re ready, therapy can be beneficial to help you move beyond your addiction and reclaim a healthy, fulfilling sex life without compulsive or addictive behaviors. If you’re not sure that therapy is the right option for you, consider the following signs that sexual desire has turned the corner into sexual addiction and it may be time to schedule a therapy session:

  • Obsessive or constant thoughts of sex
  • Impulsively making the decisions
  • Lying to cover up your behavior 
  • Sexual fantasies or acts and a preoccupation with them that interferes with daily life, work, and relationships 
  • Putting yourself or your sexual partners in danger due to unsafe sexual practices
  • Feeling guilty after engaging in sexual acts but not feeling capable of stopping

What can I Expect from My Therapy Sessions for Sex Addiction?

One of the most important aspects of therapy for any type of addiction is placing an emphasis on the fact that your therapy sessions are a judgement-free zone. I’m not here to make you feel bad about yourself or shame you. You’re struggling with something difficult, and I’m here to support you as you go through the process of making changes. I collaborate with my clients to understand how sex addiction is impacting their lives, develop skills to manage addictive thoughts and behaviors, and move  beyond their addiction to live a happier, more satisfying life. Individual therapy will likely be necessary to help with sex therapy,  but for those whose relationships are suffering due to sex addiction, I also provide relationship therapy. 

Let’s Work Together to Move Forward

If you’re interested in learning more about how therapy can help you manage sexual addiction and its possible consequences, contact me today. I’d love to talk to you about your concerns and goals.