Top 3 Benefits of the Concierge Model of Therapy

In high rises or hotels, the concierge offers exceptional service to support tenants, making time to answer their questions, find the best restaurants, or provide any other services to make their lives a little easier. When it comes to counseling, the decision to work with a practice that offers a concierge model of therapy has numerous benefits that can help make a client’s life easier. The most essential benefit is the reason I decided to adopt this practice approach. With the concierge model of therapy, I’m able to give each of my clients the elite, “celebrity” status treatment we all deserve. I’m Dr. Michael Stokes, and as a therapist who offers individual and relationship counseling, I know the importance of offering services that fit the needs and goals of the people I work with, and I always do my utmost to offer flexibility and personalized therapy plans. However, in the traditional talk therapy model, there are some factors that create limitations on the work we do together. In the concierge model of therapy, I’m able to increase the flexibility and customization of my approach. Whether you’ve never heard about concierge therapy or you’re interested in finding out more about it, this blog will give you some of the basic details about why I’m an advocate for this style of therapy and how it can help you.

1 – Increased Confidentiality

When you file insurance claims, records are created that may be accessed by your employers, future insurers, and other parties. While seeking therapy is nothing to be ashamed of, insurance providers may use your past diagnosis against you by increasing benefit costs and denying or limiting coverage. Additionally, we take care to protect your privacy in our office, but we, unfortunately, can’t control what happens to your information once it’s given to the insurance company.

2 – Flexibility of Service Offerings

Traditional therapy, covered by insurance, is usually limited to in-office, traditional talk therapy sessions based on a specific diagnosis that is needed to receive coverage. While more therapists are now offering online sessions or using dynamic counseling offerings that adjust to the client’s needs form session to session, insurance still only covers the basics and requires a specific diagnosis to approve treatment coverage. Concierge style therapy allows me to provide a greater variety and more innovative approach to therapy services.

3 – Assurance of Top-Notch Therapy

The flexibility of therapy approaches not limited by insurance coverage, ensures that each client will receive exactly the therapy resources they need. When clients receive therapy covered by insurance, there are numerous limitations on the length of sessions, number of sessions per year, type of appointment (in-person, online, phone), and other variables. With concierge therapy, you’ll have access to therapy that makes sense for you. From meaningful support via text to video chats, concierge therapy allows for the counseling approach you need when you need it.

What to Expect After Choosing the Concierge Model of Therapy

Whether you’re seeking counseling for yourself or with a partner, the concierge model of therapy creates almost an infinite array of possibilities. While this is an exciting prospect, it can also feel overwhelming. Many of my clients who first choose concierge therapy services aren’t sure how to take advantage of this counseling approach, or they tell me they feel guilty taking up more of my time. The beauty of the concierge model of therapy is that I’m able to devote more time to you without negatively impacting my other clients or personal life, so please, take advantage of all the opportunities this approach to therapy affords.

That said, the flexibility and choices can be anxiety-inducing for many clients, which is why I always walk through expectations and counseling plans with new concierge clients during our intake session. I want to make sure you completely understand your options. Some of the most unique aspects of concierge therapy include:

✔ Increased access to the therapist – get in touch via text, phone, and email outside of regularly scheduled sessions.

✔ Flexible session lengths – need a quick touch base? Schedule a 30-minute chat. Need two hours instead of one this week? We can often make this work.

✔ Location flexibility – want to schedule a session over lunch? Take a walk in the park and chat with your therapist? We’ll try to accommodate your request.

✔ Flexible treatment style – we can offer a combination of in-person and virtual sessions. We can also offer a combination of individual or couples sessions.

Schedule Your Session Today

I’ve always been an advocate of concierge-style coaching and therapy services. You are not like any client who visits me, and your therapy plan shouldn’t be like everyone else’s either. When you choose individual or couples concierge counseling services at Rhode Island Sex Therapy, you can rest assured you’ll receive my undivided attention, and we’ll have the opportunity to truly work together as partners to create a customized therapy plan that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals. Whether you’re interested in sessions that utilize traditional talk therapy methods, you’re looking for a coach to help you tackle a particular challenge, or you’re somewhere between the two, we can create a plan to help you achieve any goal. It all starts with a call or email. Reach out to me today, and let’s start building toward your most satisfying tomorrow.

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